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Luxury yachts born from Supercars

2022-12-01 09:48


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Luxury yachts born from Supercars

Discover the luxury and exclusivity of these aquatic vehicles

Important names in the Automotive sector: Lamborghini, Mercedes, Lexus and so on, the great protagonists who have decided to outdo themselves and literally test other roads, albeit not definitive ones.

Yachts, amphibians and simple hulls; the lowest common denominator that inextricably links these five creations is the luxury and exclusivity of these watercraft.

Cigarette Tirranna AMG Edition, the three-pointed star that darts across the seas


Mercedes and Cigarette Racing have teamed up for the twelfth time to bring the Tirranna AMG Edition to life; we are talking about a boat capable of combining maximum comfort with the performance of a true racing boat. We are talking about a hull 18 meters long and capable of reaching 65 knots, or 120 km/h. Its super performance is guaranteed by a unique engine; to give life to this boat, in fact, are four 4.6 V8 engines capable of offering a total power of 2,737 HP.

A real racing boat capable of guaranteeing the comfort of a luxury yacht; the character is precisely that of a road-going AMG, even the composition of the exterior and interior refers to the four wheels. On board the boat, in fact, we find a large presence of carbon fiber, thus managing to reduce the weight and improve the agility of the entire boat. Together with the Cigarette Tirranna AMG Edition, its four-wheeled twin was also produced, namely the G-Class Cigarette Edition.

Lamborghini Tecnomar 63, the luxury yacht of the Bull


A lambo of water, the collaboration between Lamborghini and Tecnomar , which took place in 2020, gave birth to this marvelous nautical jewel. A boat that accurately incorporates the stylistic features of the iconic brand based in Sant'Agata Bolognese; aggressive and sporty, fast and elegant at the same time, Lamborghini Tecnomar 63 is a yacht that manages to steal the show in any sea it sails.
“We are proud to see the essence of the Lamborghini DNA setting sail to plow the sea with the same attitude as our super sports cars tackling the asphalt – commented Stefano Rutigliano, Strategy Director of Automobili Lamborghini -. This yacht bears witness to how the shared values and perfect synergy of the two teams are the key to achieving excellent projects".
The boat in question, Tecnomar's flagship model, is powered by a total of 4,000 HP, and manages to reach, as a maximum speed, 110 km/h; the purchase price of this wonderful exclusive product is approximately one million euros.

Lexus LY 650, true luxury and exclusivity


We close, then, with this Lexus LY 650 , a super extra ultra luxury yacht produced in collaboration with the Italian yacht design studio Nuvolari Lenard. A project strongly desired by the leaders of the Japanese brand with the aim of breaking the mold, and it must be said that they have really succeeded! At its unveiling in 2019, Toyota President Akio Toyoda commented: “The LY 650 symbolizes the challenge of Lexus, which aspires to be a true luxury lifestyle brand, to venture beyond the automobile.”
In terms of numbers, i.e. dimensions and composition, we are talking about a length of 65 feet (i.e. 19.8 metres), a 12.8-litre Volvo Penta IPS engine capable of 1,350 HP; in terms of materials, however, it must be said that the boat is simply made of plastic and carbon fiber, with various on-board electronic devices that can be controlled via smartphone.


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